Behind a good leather

Behind a good leather article there is always a meticulous artiginal touch, and by using quality products and well defined production processes, a raw hide transforms into a �leather product of excellence�..

Vegetable tanning

Historic natural tanning process Vegetable tannage is the oldest way to tan leathers and done by using vegetable extracts derived from various plants and trees. Today it is still very much appreciated in the world of fashion.

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Chrome tanning

The traditional way to tan leathers Chrome tanning is the most widely used method of tanning thanks to its numerous applications, simplicity, rapidity and flexibility.

Metal free tanning

Tanning's new frontiers Dealing with an ever demanding and selective market has pushed the boundaries of alternative tanning methods, such as tanning without chrome and metals. A revolutionary tanning system with reduced environmental impact that does not affect the quality or impede further stages in the tanning process, but at the same time allows leather to be produced respecting even the most stringent specifications.

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